Sunday, March 31, 2013

Interview turned RRP Lead-Safe

Interview was turned RRP Lead-Safe by Tampa Contractor Phil's Handy Service, Inc.

In an Interview with the Tampa Tribune, Mr. Garcia of Phil's Handy Service, Inc. was asked the following question:

Q: What are some do's and don't for remodeling?
A: When homeowners are remodeling their homes themselves, the most important "do" is safety.
        I know that big box stores will tell everybody that they can do it themselves and they will tell them how, but there are a lot of toxic substances in homes, especially those built before 1978. Lead is the number one issue right now and can be very dangerous. Anyone working on a house built before 1978, by federal law, has to be Environmental Protection Agency lead-safe certified.
      If they are going to disturb anything with more than a 6-square- foot painted surface on the inside or 20 square feet on the outside, they have to be certified with the EPA and have a certification number in order to do that. That being said, the homeowners can do the work themselves, but they need to educate themselves on how to properly contain the lead so they do not expose their children to harmful lead dust.
    When clients call me for a remodeling job, they either know exactly what they want to install or they ask me to walk them through the process. Though it's not necessary, it is helpful for customers to come to me with a clear vision of the finished product.

Tampa Tribune, Your Home, Sunday, March 31,2013

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