Sunday, June 24, 2012

RRP Lead -Safe and MSNBC Make over show

I saw a couple of remodelers from a company called Synergy Total Home in MA on MSNBC this morning. I think it was called make over my business. Please correct me if I'm wrong. What I saw were two guys that were barely making their remodeling business work. The television show introduced them to a web designing company, which remade their website, then to a lawyer who basically told them that their business was a train wreck ready to happen, because they were not Incorporated or covered by an LLC, and  that they expose themselves to great personal liability. Now I understand that advice .After that they were introduced to an architect who said: “Let’s have lunch.”
 Now it’s all a wonderful story, except I heard that the state of Massachusetts was a little hard-nosed when it came to protecting their citizens from lead paint exposure. I could not find any information on the website pertaining to lead safe work practices, or any special lead certification state or EPA .Not once in the whole show  did I hear anybody talk about the EPA RRP rules, or any dust containment at all. What I do understand it is the EPA does not care if you’re Incorporated or not. If you are doing renovations that include lead and you're not RRP lead safe certified, the federal government can hold you personally responsible for any worker, child or homeowner you exposed to lead dust. The same thing goes with the house flippers. You know what I'm talking about. Everybody has seen the infomercials “You can make millions by flipping houses. We can show you how to do it without any licensing”. Well we all know that's not the truth. The EPA RRP rules cover everyone:  House flippers, contractors, plumbers, electricians, handyman, landlords, maintenance workers or anyone who disturbs lead or presumed lead paint. Now that the CDC has lowered the threshold for medical monitoring to 5 mL per deciliter in children, you would think that MSNBC would've been asking those questions, especially to a remodeling company.

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