Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Approaching the second anniversary of the RRP Rule enforcement date

As we are approaching the second anniversary of the RRP Rule enforcement date only a small number of contractors have chosen to follow the law. Although over 70% of the homes in old Tampa Florida are pre 1978 I myself have not been able to find RRP certified electricians, plumbers, or any other subs in Tampa. I constantly am put in the position of the contractor called to fix the mess left by unlicensed individuals and sometimes licensed but not RRP Certified.  Who have  engaged in uncontained remodeling dusting the entire house with possible lead dust.  Sadly I have to walk away due to the liability issues. I know the effects of Lead in children and I don’t care if its 6 square inches of lead paint being disturbed everyone gets a Renovate right pamphlet and every job gets contained!  has a Page rank of 2. I would like offer a website link exchange to any RRP   certified firm the only criteria is your website must post your EPA Certification number.

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